380 Little Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Website: n/a
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The Restaurant

I have my first Intervarsity Games team meeting here! Located around Hardware Lane; and other famous restaurants like +39 Pizzeria & Brother Baba Budan, this little Indonesian restaurant is often overlooked. Their food is actually pretty good and CHEAP!

What to Eat?

Ikan Balado (Deep fried fish in spicy Balado sauce) OR Chicken Balado is always good :) 

If you are looking for something more exotic, try Grilled Ox Tail and Ayam Bakar (Grilled Chicken)!!! :)
Ikan Balado (Deep fried fish in spicy Balado sauce) . NOM NOM NOM** sauce is great!

How to Go?

When to Go?

Opening Hours:
Mon: 11am-10pm
Tue: 11am-10pm
Wed: 11am-10pm
Thu: 11am-9pm
Fri: 11am-9pm
Sat: 11am-9pm
Sun: 11am-10pm
Blok M on Urbanspoon

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