The Restaurant

After a dinner at South Yarra, my friends Jacey, Yu Jie & Jason suggested to go to this place for desserts. And I must say, their cakes are simply spectacular!!!!

The restaurant were packed at 9pm. We were lucky enough to squeeze into a table for five :) The service was superb and fast. Since we only ordered a bottle of Moscato & two pieces of cakes and sat there fore 1.5 hours or so, (normally the restaurant will signal you to get out of their busy restaurants LOL), the waitresses refilled our water glasses even before we finished them :)

Shall come back next time for their Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner menu + Desserts again :)

What to Eat?

A glass of Moscato for the night? :)
Sienna Tiramisu $12.50 in an elegant glass! :) YUMMEH!!!!!!!!!
The king of the night - Chocolate Fudge Cake served warm!!! :) It is so rich but not too sweet and it is just to die for :DDD

How to Go?

When to Go?

Opening Hours:
Mon: 730am-late
Tue: 730am-late
Thu:  730am-late
Fri:  730am-late
Sat:  730am-late
Sun: 730am-late
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Thank you for introducing Caffe Sienna at South Melbourne. The food and drinks that they offer are awesome. The article that you written about the restaurant is useful in evaluating it. Keep posting these kinds of useful posts. Good luck.


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Their popularity was linked to the absence of kitchens in many dwellings and the ease with which people could purchase prepared foods. Thank you.


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