Ground Floor, 28 Wills Street  
Melbourne, VIC 3000
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The Restaurant

My neighbour, Jasmine and I were looking up for a restaurant to dine in around our area (we lived around Flagstaff) and we accidentally came across this little Japanese restaurant on Urbanspoon. 

Surprisingly the mobile review of this restaurants are all positive (which is pretty rare) and we decided to give this a try. All in all, this relatively new restaurant (less than a year since opening) is a hidden gem, food is decent and very affordable! Should give this a try if you would like to spoil yourself with some Japanese Food without causing a big hole in your pocket!
This restaurant was pretty quiet the time we dined in.

What to Eat?

Read that Gyoza is great (and cheap!!! $5 for 6 gyozas!); Sashimi Set and they brew pretty good coffee too :)
Ok I like their menu! All restaurants should have a menu with photos! Descriptive!
My Sashimi Set! $14.5! o.O Came with rice, salad, side dishes, and miso soup! Beat that! Salmon, Kingfish and Tuna i believe. Pretty fresh :) The only thing I dislike on the plate is the side dish (not the seaweed, is the other potato-looking dish)
Onkonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake). Good stuff! Only $5.
Jasmine's Oyako Don
Hashi's Green Tea
Crepe with Icecream serves two. Crepe's texture is different from crepes from Roule Gallette but not too bad :)
Japanese High Tea eh? :D
Iced Coffee! Pretty good actually! :)


Half way through our dinner, I was spotted by the owner as a food blogger (as I keep snapping photos of the menu and food). And towards the end of the dinner we were offered a complimentary desserts (crepe, green tea and iced chocolate). 

With that being said, the review is not biased and I think this restaurant should really be given more recognition and more people should try this cheap eat Japanese restaurant and see for youself! :)
Thanks Bryan & his partner for their generosity and friendly service.

How to Go?

When to Go?

Opening Hours:
Mon: 730am-9pm
Tue: 730am-9pm
Wed: 730am-9pm
Thu: 730am-9pm
Fri: 730am-9pm
Sat: 11am-9pm
Hashi on Urbanspoon

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