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Came here for our "First Date" :) Was hoping to taste the award-winning "Snickers"-   Caramel Parfait Glace with Salted Peanut Caramel and Milk Chocolate Mousse by Il Fornaio's masterchef , but was disspointed to find out that the dessert is no longer on the menu as the chef has left the restaurant :( This was a little over a year ago back in 2010 :)

But recently the dish is re-introduced into the menu again and it's time to give that a TRY! :)

What to Eat?

The Snickers!!!! OF COURSE!
Can't really recall what is the name of this dish. Ok, im such a failed blogger.
Salmon on a mint salad? Ha, really sorry it has been such a long time :<

How to Go?

When to Go?

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