437 Elizabeth St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Website: www.o-bento.com.au
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The Restaurant

Located alongside with Coconut House (Malaysian) and Rose Garden (Chinese), this Japanese Restaurant is definitely a CHEAP EAT TOOO!!!! :D

The portion is so big :) So next time if you are hungry and you have no ideas what to eat, go to Franklin St/Elizabeth St! :)

What to Eat?

Gyoza as appetizers :D
Menya's Agedashi Tofu. Doesn't taste as good as Big Mama, Swanston St. Fairly disappointed.
Katsu Don! It must be one of the most popular dishes! OMG the portion is SO BIG for the price!!!! CHEAP EAT!!!!

How to Go?

When to Go?

Opening Hours:
Mon: 1030am-930pm
Tue: 1030am-930pm
Wed: 1030am-930pm
Thu: 1030am-930pm
Fri: 1030am-930pm
Sat: 1030am-930pm
Sun: 1030am-930pm
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