The Restaurant

Finding a restaurant that has spaces for you without booking on a Saturday night could be hard.

Trying our luck, we came to the doorsteps of Movida Aqui. And YAY we were shown two seats at the bar, Yay I dont mind that :)

It turned out that, Movida has quickly become one of my favourite restaurants. Friendly service (appreciate the fact that the waiter actually took the time to explain the menu to us and even made recommendations without us asking); good ambiance and great food! :)
Menu, might seems a lot to take in at the first glance :O
Bustled with activities :)

What to Eat?

Complimentary bread with olive and sea salt to start? :D
ANCHOA $4.50 each. Hand-filleted Cantabrian Artisan Anchovy on Crouton with Smoked Tomato Sorbet. Can i have more of this please? :) The saltiness and crunchiness just hit home :)
BOCADILLO DE CALAMARES $7.00 each Calamari sandwich with Basque Guindilla and Mayonnaise. This cute little burger tasted not bad at all!! Like the well cooked calamari!! :)
The slow roasted lamb. This dish is the winner!!! Like the gravy and the lamb is so TENDER!!! :D
BUTIFARRA $21.50 House Made Catalan Pork Pepper Sausage with Chickpeas and House Made Morcilla. The dish is a bit dry for my liking, would like a bit more gravy to go with the sausage :) Other than that, the sausage is packed with meat! :)
HELADOS $14.50 Homemade Ice Creams Served with Fig Bread. Icecream is smooth and the fid bread is fragrant and crunchy, something that I havent tried before :)

How to Go?

When to Go?

Opening Hours:
Mon: 12pm-late
Tue: 12pm-late
Wed: 12pm-late

Thu: 12pm-late

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It is hard to find restaurants during holydays, especially on Saturday evening. Thank you for knowing about Movida Aqui. From your explanation it is known that it is a place that didn’t let you down. This is a place that you must visit.


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Hello there! I must tell you the blog post is really good. It is very informative. I want to mention one thing that I like the way you write the post to the point. I really appreciate and keep writing!


Appreciate the fact that the waiter actually took the time to explain the menu to us and even made recommendations without us asking


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