435 Elizabeth St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Website: n/a
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The Restaurant

If you are hungry and you dont have lots of money left in your pocket, this place is perfect for you!

I won't usually go to this restaurant for a meal but my parents apparently changed my mind about this restaurant. Except the exterior being a little bit dodgy, everything about this place is great, from the extensive menu selection; affordable price; friendly waiter (I refer to the waiter guy who has worked there for quite some time); reasonable taste and quick service!

Getting a place is near to impossible if you came in in a large group during lunch/dinner hours.

And what's more, EXTRA RICE without charge! :)

What to Eat?

The menu is so extensive but if you have no ideas what to choose,they have their Top 10 Dishes for you!
Of course not to be missed out is their BBQ stuff! BBQ chicken; duck blah blah blah!
One of the Top 10 dishes: crispy skin pork omelette! Beneath the egg there are roast porks! And a generous serving of gravy!
Mum's curry chicken. Mum liked it! Keep you warm during cold days during summer (how ironic Melbourne weather could get)!

How to Go?

When to Go?

Opening Time: n/a
Lunch & Dinner everydays except SUNDAY
Rose Garden BBQ on Urbanspoon

Wow! Thank you very much. Getting cheap food in Melbourne is a great treat for the food lovers like me. Visited there twice and has to pay some extra dollars in terms of food and definitely your share was of great help.


Restaurants constituted another sort, a new one if we define them as places where one can order a meal from a range of choices at a range of times and eat it on the premises. Thank you.


Found this link while searching Google, thanks


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