The Restaurant

We would normally go here for its dimsum (yum-cha during the afternoon), for their dimsums are pretty consistent! (despite sometimes slow service). This time it is our friend's birthday and we decided to go for their ala carte menu instead!

The restaurant is as always busy (and crowded with Australian rather than Asian, I wonder why :O)
Interior of Shark Fin House, not to be confused with Shark Fin Inn, which is just a few street up along Little Bourke Street.

What to Eat?

Surprise, surprise, their menu is in English :P And they have banquet menu as well :) (despite a little bit too pricey for stingy Asian like us)
The menu...
Fried Coral Trout Fillets with Garlic & Five Spicy Chilli. A little bit too dry and would appreciate some gravy =/
A forgotten dish :O
PRIME PORK RIBS? Deep Fried with Sweet & Sour Sauce if not mistaken? :O THIS IS GREAT!!!
Spinach with Thousand & Salted Eggs with Stock. Hmm couldnt really taste the salted eggs =/
A Selection of Fresh Seafood, Vegetables & Beancurd Baked in a Hot Pot. YUM YUM YUM

How to Go?

When to Go?

Opening Hours:
Mon: 1130am-300pm // 530pm-1100pm
Tue: 1130am-300pm // 530pm-1100pm
Wed: 130am-300pm // 530pm-1100pm
Thu: 1130am-300pm // 530pm-1100pm
Fri: 1100am-300pm // 530pm-1100pm
Sat:1100am-300pm // 530pm-1100pm
Sun: 1100am-300pm // 530pm-1100pm
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I had dined at Shark Fin House and have to tell you that the restaurant serves the best food in town. I even managed to talk with chef and could get a few recipes to try out at home. The food there is mouth watering and worth every cent you spend there.


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