The Restaurant

This is probably my first Italian Restaurant in Melbourne!! That was almost 3 years ago :')

Located along Lygon Street, this restaurant probably one of the most affordable restaurants? :)

What to Eat?

If you want something safe, Chicken Parma is good! Apparently all the first-timers ordered this :))) including myself :)
3 Years later: Meat plater for two Churizos; Buffulo Wings; Beefsteaks; Chicken Tenders; Ovenbaked Veal; Porks Ribs; Wedges nom nom CARNIVORRRR RAWRRRRRR

How to Go?

When to Go?

Opening Hours:
Mon: 1130am-late
Tue: 1130am-late
Wed: 1130am-late
Thu: 1130am-late
Fri: 1130am-late
Sat: 1130am-late
Sun: 1130am-late
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