255 Swanston St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Website: n/a
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The Restaurant

Service is pretty quick and the shop is surprisingly spacious
One of the cheap eats amongst the thousands of restaurants along Swanston Street, with large variety of dishes to be chosen from with affordable price, this is the place to go if you have no ideas what to eat and are on a tight budget!

What to Eat?

Da menu
I like the menu! PHOTOS of the food! (although the final product might differ from the photo)
Pineapple Fried Rice, that disappointingly, doesnt come in a pineapple shell. But taste wise, it is acceptable. Not overly great but is something that I dont mind eating everyday.
Jeng Jeng Jeng. $13.90 set meal NOM NOM NOM Thai Fried Rice with minced meat & salad & shrimp paste? :)) like the minced meat much! :)
Drink (cendol) that came with the set meal :))) like the milky taste, but would appreciate less ice :P
Mongolian Chicken with rice. Pretty decent, like the sweetness of the sauce! :)
Ok. this might look a bit too similar to the Mongolian Chicken. This is Honey Pepper Chicken with Rice. Haha. A bit too "peppery" for my liking :O
Green Curry Chicken with Rice. Don't really like this dish despite a lot of ingredients ie Asparagus, Carrot, Mushroom, Onion, Cucumber. The gravy is too waterly and tasteless, but it is still edible :O

How to Go?

When to Go?

Opening Hours:
Mon: 10am-1030pm
Tue: 10am-1030pm
Wed: 10am-1030pm
Thu: 10am-1130pm
Fri: 10am-1130pm
Sat: 10am-1130pm
Sun: 10am-1030pm
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Thai food comes with some of variety dishes and loved to taste one. Good to locate a Thai Rice and Noodle in Melbourne and thanks very much for sharing the required details. Your blog has been a great help for satisfying my food needs and I appreciate this dedicated service.


I created a weebly blog after seeing how simple it looked.


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